Pause/Resume Layouts?

I know for a fact that out of the box, this is far cry from something the software is designed to do but can Pausing/Resuming layouts be achievable in any way or via any workaround (u could suggest) with the current software.

The purpose is to show a long layout with a movie running in one region and then show an advert layout or something similar for duration of the layout say two minutes and then again have the movie layout run once again but resumed from the last state i.e. pause.

With the current code base, can this be implemented any time soon if yes will this be a complex or trivial task.

I know there have been talks in the community about using getid3 or something similar, which in my opinion would be required to achieve such feature.

Can we look forward to CMS 1.8 series with the possibility to conjure up something like this.

Thanks for your comments.

It might be something picked up by the interactive signage work. It’s certainly not a use case that’s currently on the road map.

You should add your use case to the interactive signage thread in the Features section so it can be considered. No guarantee however that it will be implemented