Pause/Resume Layouts is it possible?


I know i ought to learn xibo, use xibo for which it is made but i’m so "curious "
i found one post talking about that thing even if i don’t understood all what he was talking about :slight_smile:
Apr '15

I know for a fact that out of the box, this is far cry from something the software is designed to do but can Pausing/Resuming layouts be achievable in any way or via any workaround (u could suggest) with the current software.

The purpose is to show a long layout with a movie running in one region and then show an advert layout or something similar for duration of the layout say two minutes and then again have the movie layout run once again but resumed from the last state i.e. pause.

With the current code base, can this be implemented any time soon if yes will this be a complex or trivial task.

I know there have been talks in the community about using getid3 or something similar, which in my opinion would be required to achieve such feature.

Can we look forward to CMS 1.8 series with the possibility to conjure up something like this.

Thanks for your comments.

is it possible to pause the layout you see (a kind of loop or “simply” increase its duration ) depending on an external trigger ?

Some people must think if i’m so curious nobody prevents me to seek for a solution :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments

Pausing/Resuming Layouts is not currently supported in Xibo but is in development as part of the Version 2 release. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

More information regarding Version 2 will be posted on the Xibo Blog in the future.

Many Thanks.

Found this post while searching for a way to do the same thing. Wondering if this has been implemented yet? We’re using Xibo internally for groups like our sales department to show graphs/slides of current performance metrics. Manager updates the layout weekly, but was asking about the ability to pause a slide during a presentation to explain/expand on the date or answer questions.

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