Paulo Borges has become a Xibo Enthusiast!


Today we welcome Paulo Borges into the Xibo Hall of Fame and award our very first Xibo Enthusiast badge!

Our Get Help sections are used frequently by the Xibo Community in an effort to find answers to questions as well as seeking additional guidance and help. @pitoco02 has continued to provide fantastic support and share his wealth of knowledge and expertise with fellow members of the community.

Paulo has provided this great introduction to share with the community, so we can all learn that little bit more…

"In 2017 I started my first job in the technology area at a company that uses Xibo as a product base here in Brazil. At the time, Xibo version 1.7 was used in this company, and my main activity was to provide support to customers who used equipment provided by this company.
Over time, I went deeper into the Technology area, taking my first steps in programming, improving my knowledge of computer networks and hardware maintenance.
Thanks to that, today I am a PHP Developer and I am in charge of the technology area of this company in which I was inserted in 2017.
Since the end of 2021, we started migrating all our CMS’s to the latest version of Xibo, and getting organized to migrate our entire structure to Docker.
I am very grateful to the Xibo community and also to the developers of this amazing project that helped me a lot to grow professionally" Paulo Borges

Paulo has been a community member since 2017 and continues to actively assist those that seek assistance, and has even taken the time to share his feedback when testing release candidates. He continues to be a real asset to the community and the Xibo project!

Paulo is a great example of what it means to be a Xibo Enthusiast, and we would like to thank him for being an incredible member of the community!

Learn more about our Xibo Hall of Fame by reading the announcement and see how you can join Paulo in this elite group here

Natasha (Community Manager)


Very well done, @pitoco02! Welcome to the Xibo Hall of Fame.

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Congratulations, @pitoco02!

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!!!Congratulations @pitoco02!!!

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Congratulations @pitoco02! And welcome to the Xibo Hall of Fame!

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Welcome @pitoco02! Great to have you with us!

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Congratulations @pitoco02

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Hi @pitoco02. I saw that you are the first Xibo Enthusiast to be added to the hall of fame and realised I had yet to pass on my congratulations!

I’ve seen your replies to many users in need of support in the community, as well as your messages reporting issues/bugs you have encountered when using Xibo. Just wanted to say thanks for the help you provide to other users and also for passing on those bugs/issues you have discovered while using Xibo. You’re a credit to the community and its great to see you passing on your knowledge of Xibo to other community members, so they can also grow professionally and better understand how to use Xibo Signage.