Owner doesn't have permission to edit their layout

I created a group, ehs, and set it as the owner of a layout:

But when I filter the list by the owner, the layout doesn’t show up:

And if I log in as the owner and try to edit the layout I get access denied messages:

What am I doing wrong?

I believe you’ve encountered this bug - https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/1254

For now I’d suggest assigning view/edit permissions (with ‘Cascade…’ checkbox) to the whole layout instead of changing the owner.

Hi Peter,

I select cascade, save it, and it doesn’t change anything. And then when I go back to the permissions box cascade is unselected. I’ve tried this a few times. So I’m not sure if it’s a matter of cascade not working or the cascade setting not saving.

But I also tried going and setting the permissions on the region. They match the permissions on the layout. The user “ehs” is granted both view and edit permissions. But then when I log in as ehs I’m still getting an “access denied” message and when I log in as ehs the region just shows “null”

I also just realized that if I log in as ehs and try to create a new layout, I get the same thing - one region that says null and access denied when I try to edit it. Hopefully that’s a clue -?



Ok, I think I got it… I gave access to the layouts permission, but not the region permission…

Could you clarify for me your CMS version please?

The ‘Cascade…’ checkbox on layout permission should give the users the same permission to all regions and widget on the layout.

Unfortunately the cascade check box doesn’t seem to be working… If I select it, close the window, and go back then it’s unselected…

Same as for your other topic, it would be best to upgrade to 1.8.2, and also what browser are you using please?

That being said I don’t recall any of those 2 issues you’ve mentioned, which might imply that the issue somewhere in your environment, I assume this is manual/custom installation?
Could you please tell us more about it?

Nope, pretty standard docker install onto Ubuntu Desktop. Honestly, if I had to make a guess I’m either doing something wrong, or it’s a problem with Chrome.

and when you do that, then open region or widget permissions those are empty?

Could you let me know what exactly page permissions does your ehs user has please?

When I had tried it in the past it wasn’t cascading… now it looks like it is. It’s possible that when I went back to view whether the box was checked, and saw that it wasn’t I might have I saved it with the unchecked box. So I think the only bug is the box not getting checked.

Right now the user has the following permissions:

Honestly this is the first time I’ve created another user besides admin, so I’m not sure what’s normal for permissions.

I just logged in as the user and tried to add some media to a layout. It uploads the media, but then nothing shows on the timeline. I tried this with both a PPT and image. Am I missing a permission? This all works fine when I’m logged in as an admin.

ehs user screen for region after adding media (nothing shown):

Admin screen showing ehs permissions on that region:

At a guess you’re missing permissions to Playlist

If it’s more than that then I’ll have a look tomorrow

Yeah, seems to be more than that… every time I add something when logged in as that user it just doesn’t show up on the timeline for that region… I see all of the files in the library though.

Was it a new layout, did you import or use a template. Try using new layout if you use import or template.