Overlay Layout disappears

I’m running Xibo 1.8.5 on Docker on CentOS7. Client is running 1.8.3-130 on Windows 10.

This display has an overlay layout consisting of 5 regions (Title, Date and time, Logo, Weather, and Ticker). A Template was made for all other scheduled layouts that consists of a region that does not conflict with the overlay regions. One of these layouts is set to run all the time to complete the overall sign.

All created layouts for daily content are scheduled to play in the main content region, and they will display just fine. The client has not reported any errors in the last month. All content has been downloading without issue. XMR status is connected and confirmed to receive requests.

The overlay layout that is scheduled always will lose a single region at a time over the course of several days to a week until there is nothing left visible. As soon as I restart the client, everything comes back even if it is not connected to the CMS. I cannot find any errors being displayed in the log, and I just turned Audit logging for this display.

After some troubleshooting I noticed the user had scheduled the layout under the display group as well as the individual displays. This caused the overlay layout to show twice in the information menu of the display. I imagine this is causing a conflict. I just fixed the schedule, and will be monitoring the display to see if the issue continues.

You can also check if you have any overlapping regions with your overlay layout, as that’s not supported in Windows player and may lead to various playback issues.

As for the issue that you’ve uncovered, the Agenda view on Schedule page is great to check for duplicates etc as well.

This was a single item in the schedule on the CMS. However the display group as well as the displays in that group were checked, so the overlay layout that was scheduled showed up twice on the player information screen. No overlapping regions were occurring outside of the player displaying the overlay layout twice.

Unfortunately items in the overlay layout are still disappearing. There are no overlapping regions in any of the scheduled layouts. There are also no more duplicate schedules on that display.

I’m not sure if I’ve seen this behaviour before.

Could you please send me your ‘normal’ layout and the overlay layout which you have scheduled via private message, so I can test it here locally?