Out of memory error for xibo client


Dear all,

Server System: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with xibo docker version 1.8.12
Client system: Windows 10 64 bit, 32GB RAM with xibo client version 1.8.12

The client system has a matrox video card which can add up to 9 screens. The matrox configuration is set to combine nine screens to one big desktop with a resolution of 5760 x 3240.
To confirm this, windows OS sees this as 1 screen in the desktop configuration.

The display is configured to show 1 layout with 9 regions of 1920x1080. Each region shows a sequence of webpages of internal servers.

Xibo itself seems to be working ok, but after a while the application crashes (50% restart, 50% really stuck and requires a kill via task manager.)

The memory of the OS does not exceed 8GB so plenty of memory available but looking at the xibo logs we see a out-of-memory exception.

Did somebody expirience this at hand and know what to do?

Thanks in advance


Nobody a hint to see what could be the issue?


Thank you for your message. I would first recommend making sure that all drivers and updates for your setup are up to date. Next I would recommend monitoring the Memory usage on the machine using the Task Manager, Performance tab so you can see what the RAM is actually doing whilst you are running the Player.

Have you also checked the Event Viewer logs for Windows around the time of the Errors you have posted, in case there are any messages that would shed some light on what is happening?

You can also enable Auditing on the Player so you can gather more in depth Logs from the Player. To enable Auditing, select the Displays option in your CMS, click on the down facing triangle at the end of the Display and choose Edit from the menu. On the Advanced tab you will see the option to set a date that the Player will Audit until, save to confirm your choice. Please pass on any errors you find.

In your screenshot there appears to be a lot of No Active Processes errors, were these generated by yourself closing the Player and not the Watchdog or are these Errors also occurring without explanation?

Many Thanks.