Ordering multiple regions

hello everyone!
I want to design a layer that has a multiple regions, for example i need to play a video in from of photo slider! region on region!
i tried to edit The layering order Regions but i can not view the right configuration on my display (while i cant preview the layout as i set!!!)…
please help me how to bring the Regions back and front…!

thanks all

Are you trying to display it on Windows client?
If yes, then I am afraid overlapping regions are not supported on this client.

dear Peter;
yes, i’m trying on windows client.
are you sure that ordering regions are not supported on there type of clients? :frowning:

Unfortunately yes I am sure :frowning: (it might work to some degree but in general it’s not supported)

Our new client should support it (but it’s too early to tell when it will be released)
Alternatively, Xibo for Android should also handle overlapping regions just fine.

thanks again dear Peter.
actually it was very bad…
may i change the Client Source code to enable it???