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I’m new to XIBO, I did everything right so far, I installed the Xibo xibo-cms-1.7.7 on Centos7 in HyperV is working well. Now I try to open the url (http: // ip-address) on a Lan computer, but it always gives an error “This website cannot be accessed”. What do I have to do to open the URL of another computer on the network?

Thank you for your message and welcome to the community!

I am also running CMS instances hosted on my local network and have been able to access my local instances on machines other than the one the CMS is installed on. My first recommendation would be to make sure you are definitely entering the address correctly. For example I noticed in your message that you have left a space between http: and //, which will not work if you are entering the address that way.

I would also recommend checking that the IP address for your CentOS 7 machine in case the IP you are entering is incorrect. You should find running the command ip addr show in a terminal on the CentOS machine will confirm the IP. Once you have confirmed that it is indeed correct, please also make sure that you are using the correct protocol to try to access your CMS, for example if you have configured your CMS for https make sure you are entering this into the address bar instead of http.

Finally I would also recommend checking that the machine you are using is definitely connected to the same local network as your CentOS machine in case this is the cause of the issue. You could also try pinging the CentOS machine to see if the packets are sent and received successfully.

Many Thanks.

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