Open local html code without server


We use local html code in players often, to display animations with current data. We send files to player which form part of the html code or assets (jsons or CSS or videos, etc). Idea is to be able to run html locally but be able to change HTML content or assets dynamically. It would be great if web component would accept a local path instead of a URL, for example (C:/webproject/index.html). Is this possible? Can this feature be implemented quickly? I am certain many would find this a very useful way to deploy dynamic or animated content. Also, please try to bring back Chromium integration.


It can do.

If you add a webpage widget with the URL file://c:/webproject/index.html it should open fine.

We aren’t going to persue a CEF integration. It’s horribly unstable and caused many crashes.


Hi Alex, thanks very much for your answer, this is great news. Hopefully you can integrate CEF in the nearby future. We use Scala and Chromium works great, we are trying to switch from Scala and your software looks great!




Per my previous reply, we have no plans to integrate CEF for the reasons I outlined before.


Hi Alex,

What would you recommend to deliver html projects to player and maintain folder structure, to run local html on player? Would it be a .js file and then a windows cmd to unzip? Would it be a Xibo module that contains all required files - but what about folder structure?

Whats the best way to deliver a full html project including folders and assets (videos, etc) with folder structure intact to a windows player using Xibo



There isn’t really a good method for that at present as Xibo does not allow anything other than a flat folder structure.

Even if you managed to get some sort of unzip command in place, Xibo may potentially delete any files in its library folder that it does not recognise.

You’d most likely need a new module which “understood” ZIP files to be archived web applications and was able to extract those and manage the files appropriately - which would require Player code changes.

Of course you could consider including your resources in a flat file structure and having those assigned to your Display as appropriate.