Only standard layout is displayed when the player is without internet


I realized that only the default layout is displayed when the payer is started without internet.

This is a failure?

I wonder how to make the player display all layouts even when no internet.

Imagine that there is an internet problem in the city, playes not display the video properly to the internet again.

i have the similar question, What happened if the Players works locally and only server has its internet connection…?
when i design a layout that need internet connection (such as ForecastIO module) what happened to displays with only LAN connection?

Someone knows?


Everything besides webpages and embedded content is by default cached on the player and can be displayed without internet access.
There is also a setting in CMS settings -> general called "Send files in advance?"
by default it is set to 2 days, which means that your client will ‘know’ about scheduled content 2 days in advance.
In general we recommend to leave this setting as it is, but in some cases it could be beneficial to increase it, especially if you device is often without an internet access.

Only the default layout is displayed without internet.

Everything else that is scheduled is not displayed when the player starts without internet connection.

This is clearly a problem.

If your player ‘knows’ about schedule and downloaded necessary files, then it will display it, even without internet connection (as long as it’s not webpage/embedded content).

In my tests it does not.

I used:
CMS: v1.7.4
Player: v1.7 R55

In my tests, if after the player is properly configured and running, I turn it off, then turn off the internet, and then turn it off already with the internet it does not play scheduled layouts, only plays standard campaigns.

But if I connect to the internet, when he connects, he returns to display the scheduled layouts.

If so when the player start the internet is not working it only displays the default layouts.

Did you check the players time? If there is no RTC, your player forgets time and date and cannot play sheduled layout. But when the player connects the internet take the correct time.

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You Right, my player has not a RTC.