Only default layout playing - nothing else

Hello. I’m new to Xibo but I have watched all tutorials I have found. I have created a few layouts. As default layout I only have my company logo, a text and a clock. All three are set to show for 10 seconds respectively.

I then have some 5-6 other layouts defined with pictures, videos, a web page and some other stuff. All are configured to show between 10-30 seconds.

In preview mode from the CMS all layouts works perfectly by themselves, they end after the expected time and they change pictures as expected.

However, whatever I schedule, one or many of my layouts, the only thing that ever shows on my client player (windows) is the layout I selected as default for that screen. Nothing else, nothing happens but a static default screen. If I change the default screen to any of my other layouts it is shown instead. But never what I schedule - and it never changes between scheduled layouts.

I have looked at the information screen and the scheduling status at the top is always “sleeping” ? And instead it says that it should show layout 7 (which is the default one) and all media, layout and transitions are loaded to 100%. But it always says my Scheduling status is sleeping? So… oviously I do something worng when it comes to scheduling but I can’t think of what?

As I reached this point I got it to work actually… but I might have found a bug? The scheduling never works for me if I use the “Schedule now” action from a layout and for example select 100 hours. Same goes for scheduling campains that contain several layouts. It gets plotted in the calendar correctly over time but it never gets transfered to the client. However, as soon as I manually used the “Add Event” action from the calendar and selected an explicit start time and end time for my layouts - it all started to work.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

… Now I feel utterly stupid. I continued to play around and when I double checked the times on the scheduling items I realised the time on the CMS server is one hour off :slight_smile: So when I scheduled something for the next 100 hours - it actually starts 1 hour in teh future…

Sorry - everything works great - I’d delete this post if I knew how :slight_smile:

Ah that makes sense :slight_smile: I’m glad it’s working for you after you changed the time settings.

I’ll close this topic, but I will not delete it, as it may help other community members with similar problem.