One suggestion: why not use Alpine in Xibo Docker?

As we known, Alpine Linux is a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution based on musl libc and busybox.

We may transition to that over time. We based on Ubuntu initially since that’s the environment we have the most experience with running the CMS on.

The XMR container would be trivial to transition really, assuming that the ZMQ dependencies can be easily satisfied with Alpine’s packages.

I’m going to go with yes?

That’s a good start, but it’s only the ZMQ libraries. You’d also need that built in to the PHP runtime, and from what I can see (and I’m no Alpine expert), there isn’t a php-zmq package (at least not listed in the child packages of the main PHP package)

In which case, we have to look at building and maintaining that for Alpine ourselves.

So I have a working alpine-based container for XMR. The main issue from a “production” point of view, is that it depends on “edge” currently, so I don’t think I’d feel comfortable making that available generally until 3.6 were released and we have something more static to test against.

I’m having a look at the CMS now, but that’s far more complex. It’s something we’re looking at to go with PHP7 support however.

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Hi, Alex. Thanks for your follow up. I had a look at the CMS those days, the transition is very complex. How about the alpine-based container for CMS now?

Is this the php-zmq package?

Thank you again for the kindly help!

Please see my previous comments. I’m happy to have a look at it in the future, once the PHP7-ZMQ package is available in a non-edge release of Alpine, and once Xibo itself runs on PHP 7. Until those two requirements are met, there’s nothing further I can do on this.

Thanks for looking into this, Alex. I’ve personally converted many of my Docker images over to Alpine, but it definitely does create some challenges, and not all software is compatible. If you guys were to decide that Alpine isn’t a viable option, I certainly couldn’t blame you.