One pc displaying 2 different xibo content

Hi All,

I am looking at use a mini pc with one vga or hdmi output, to display 2 different content on 2 monitor.

Do I need to have 2 different graphics card/chip which then connects to different monitor?

If I do a multi-install of Xibo player, how is it possible for me to display different content for each player for each monitor? What is the hardware requirement?

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You would need a device that can support dual monitors (ie has 2 VGA or 2 HDMI ports, or one of each).

Then Windows will see two screens and you can setup Xibo Players to start automatically - one on each.

That’s what we’re doing and we use profiles to force the Xibo window to display on the second screen. The default ‘Windows’ profile is fullscreen with a 0,0 offset. Our second Xibo client install get’s a profile we’ve created called something like ‘Windows Second Screen’ and has a display left offset of 1920 (or whatever resolution your primary screen is).

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Hi Rjchu,

What is this profile you are referring to? How do I setup the profile?



I am using version 1.6.4 of the xibo server and I do not see any display profile option in the menu.
I have setup a windows 7 pro PC and then I did the multi windows install. I copied and rename the second instance.

I ran the Xibo Client Option and under the Appearance, there is these:
Client Width
Client Height
Offset X
Offset Y

My display 1 is having a resolution of 1440 x 900 and display 2 is having the same resolution. I tried to edit the 2nd Xibo Client option’s appearance and I put the value 1440 in different combination in the field and when I run the Xibo 2 client, it still go to offset 0,0.

Does anyone know how to force the Xibo 2 client to display in the second display?

You need to open the options for the second Player instance and set the offset there. Instructions for opening the second instance settings are in the guide on running multiple player instances which you can find in the manual.

Alternatively if you want to set it from the CMS you need to upgrade Players and CMS to 1.7.4 and then you can do it with a display settings profile.

Hi Alex,

I did the multiple player instances and I have to rename the application as follow:

  1. XiboClient1.exe and XiboClient1.exe.Config
  2. XiboClient2.exe and XiboClient2.exe.Config

I wanted to set the XiboClient2 to display on the 2nd display and I go the the Appearance and change the Offset X, save the config and run the XiboClient2.exe, the Xibo player still go to 1st display.

Is there something that I do wrong?


Hi Alex,

I managed to figure it out by trial and error. I have upload this photo so other user will be able to understand.

I have set my monitor to a resolution of 1440 x 900 so please refer to the setting below.


Thanks for the screenshots. Those are exactly the settings I meant. So you’re defining the player size and position with an offset of 1 screen size on Player 2. I’ll close the case.