Offline Web Regions

We are trialing Xibo for our digital network, and everything is going good with our hosted environment except for one item that would be extremely useful to us. Is there a way to render cached copies of websites if the client internet goes offline? We do a few custom displays for clients, who log into our CMS and make modifications to a web region, which gets reflected on their screens. outputting this to an image and uploading each time is not feasible as they make several edits a day.

Most other signage providers (including our current provider) have the functionality for this, but i haven’t seen it in Xibo?

We are running windows 7 machines, with the latest releases for bot the server and client software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Xibo for Windows should follow IE settings.

Open IE -> Internet Options -> Settings (Under browser history) -> adjust the settings there.

I believe the caches by default.

For Xibo for Android there is ‘Enable caching of Web Resources’ setting in display profile, that will use default android browser cache.