Number of plays

i’ve recently upgraded to 1.8 and i’m wondering from where in database does CMS read number of plays info from?
in 1.7 it used to read the number of media IDs in the stat table but my stat table in 1.8 is empty . i just checked and ‘‘default setting for statistics’’ is enabled.
is this info stored somewhere else in 1.8?

The stat table is the correct place - your “default setting for statistics” will only apply to new display profiles you create, or display profiles without the stats setting saved on this.

So it might be that your active Display Profile has that setting switched off.

i just checked and it’s enabled.
the stat table is there but it’s empty.
here is a screen shot from the 1.8 database :

and one from my old 1.7 data base :

as u can see there is no stat table in my 1.8 database.