Notifications Not Clearing From Clients

Hello All,

Please Help Me!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy: I have setup Xibo on a server (non-docker install) and have 9 screens around site. I am using the notification widget for staff to push notifications on to the displays or to display groups.

Recently I have found that notifications are still displaying on screens days after they have been deleted.

Below are some steps I have tried to solve this issue:

Restarting the server
Restarting the client
Deleting the Xibo Library in documents from the local client
Checked that the notifications are removed from the database under notification table (which they are)

Finally I found that changing the screens layout manually in scheduling clears the notificationโ€ฆ But I can not continually change layouts all day, and i only want one layout displayed on each screen. I thought I could use this to โ€œrefreshโ€ the notifications so enabled dayparting 0100 to 0000 (Giving the display an hour of unassigned layout) but this did not clear the old notifications. BTW my layouts are 8.5 mins long so are regularly refreshing.

Am I missing something?? is there a cache that needs clearing? Am I misusing the notification widget?

Hello and welcome to the Community.

Have you got something running XTR frequently, and are the tasks themselves running?

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