Notification "Display Online" not created and mailed

Xibo version : 2.1
Plater version : Windows V2-R200

I noticed that Xibo creates a notification when my player is offline but not when my player is back online. Tried everything but it still won’t work.

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Do you confirm you have followed this page of our set up guide?

If this is all set up correctly, please make sure that XTR is running properly. If your install is based on Docker, that should be done automatically or else please check XTR routine tasks settings :

Yes, I did and de XTR is running properly.
It looks like it stopped working after upgrading to Xibo 2.1.0 from the previous version.

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Thank you for your reply.

Do you get those notifications in your CMS (would shows as red number in the top right corner)?

At the moment this issue has been tested successfully on our side, we received both CMS notifications and email notification so we’d recommend also checking your spam folder if you haven’t already. Thank you

No I don’t get this notifications in my CMS