Not responding/white screen


i have been running Xibo for a few months with no issues.

All of a sudden I am getting a not responding message or just a white screens.

I am running CMS version 1.8.2 on a web server. the player versions are also 1.8.2.

the web server and clients are running on the same windows PC which is a dell Optiplex 3010 model

64 bit windows 7
4gb ram
intel core i5 3.2ghz
dual video card

the file never gets moved or deleted, as the library is in the same PC.

let me know if you need anything else from the PC.

here is a screenshot of the error log

There are couple of issues here, which I’d not necessarily expect to see on your PC.

Memory - that can be tracked with Windows Task Manager, would be good to see if it gets to dangerously high RAM usage while Xibo plays the video etc.

GPU - That can be hard to tell, can you play the same video in Windows Media Player without problems?
Perhaps update drivers etc? (unless it’s something hardware wise).

Location - I assume there is only one player installed on the PC? Is there some ‘aggressive’ anti-virus software type installed? Perhaps permission issue? You could try to have the library in the default location instead of desktop.

I assume player local library and CMS library are separate? (they must be)
This also brings me back to the question about how many players are installed on single PC?

hi peter

i will have to check the memory, and get back to you.

the video in question plays with no problems in windows media player.

there are 2 players installed, in a dual video card scenario.

where can i find the address of the CMS library ?

as far as the 2 local libraries, they are located on the desktop, 1 folder is located inside the other.

since this is all local to its own PC, permissions are admin, and it is a very lightweight antivirus that is running.


I found the CMS library location.

they are in different locations.