Not possible to repeat the dataset name

I have several completely different user groups, however the names of the datasets can not be the same.

For example, if a group wants to add a set of records with the name ‘birthday’, no other group can create the same name. Even when they do not know each other.

Should not be identified by owner instead of name?

In most cases they will be referenced by dataSetId, although you’re correct you can’t have more than one dataSet with the same name - similar for layouts for example, the name needs to be unique, that’s by design.

I can see how that can be troublesome at times, especially if you’re sharing the CMS between multiple users that do not see content created by other groups. Again I’m not sure if we can change the logic behind it.

E: Although you can have layouts with the same name created by different users, we look into adding similar option for dataSets.

For layouts, it works with the same name.

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Really? It should not work, and most certainly does not work for me.

When you try to add a layout with the same name as existing one, it should say:

You already own a layout called ‘{layoutName}’. Please choose another name.

Did you add space in front of the name when adding a new layout?
I can see that works and probably shouldn’t really

No spaces in front of the name

Ok, layout validation will not allow you to have layouts with the same name, so unless you’ve edited the source code to remove this validation it will not work.

You can add spaces to the layout name, which will look like they are called the same in CMS, technically those are not the same names, which can be easily checked via API.

I’d love to see how else did you manage to have layouts with the same name though, please do let me know.

As xibo_admin you can see here all 3 with the same name. But which is which?

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I have not edited the source code

ah sorry I did not notice different users there, that suddenly makes sense then, that’s what I get for multitasking I suppose.

I think I’ll create two enhancement issues from this topic then.

  1. trim layout names, as we don’t really want it

  2. allow different users to have datasets with the same names

Exactly… how can we know?

I think the logic is to understand that as there are different types of users, each one can have datasets, layouts, campaigns or own media, so they could choose the names they want…

As I said we will add those options, so it will be similar like layouts are right now.

Regarding super admin that will see a list of layouts with the same names, that could be a problem, but it also might be tricky to better represent that for a super admin on schedule add/edit event form.

Would it be possible to show the owner/creator of the layout in ‘( )’? i.e. Mama (123) when the user is a super admin or even all the time in those drop down windows?


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That’s one of the ways we’re considering indeed, to have owner of the layout in () or similar displayed there.

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