No reports in "Proof of Play"

Xibo Digital Signage Version
3.0.3 (DOCKER)

Player Type

Player Version

Windows 8.1 Pro (Ru)

I’m having trouble trying to use proof of play reporting.
I’ve followed all the steps to enable reporting:
library/Media: I’ve set on all my media “Enable Media Stats Collection?” - ON
design/Layout: I’ve set on layout “Enable Stats Collection?” - ON
displays/Display Setting Profiles: I’ve set on windows “Enable stats reporting?” - ON ; Aggregation level - individual
administration/settings/displays: I’ve set “Aggregation level”- individual; “Enable Stats Collection?”- ON; “Enable Layout Stats Collection?”- ON; “Enable Media Stats Collection?”- ON; “Enable Playlist Stats Collection?”- ON; “Enable Widget Stats Collection?”- ON;

My layout total duration is : 2 min, 22 sec.

I’ve created this layout on 11.11.2021 12:00.

But still there is no data at all from the player.
All “Proof of Play” reports are empty.
Please could you help how to resolve this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Azhdar, welcome to the community!

I’ve read through your message and set up a 3.0.3 CMS and 1.8.14 player as you have described:

Library Media set with stats = On:

Layout set with Enable Stats = On:

Windows display profile has Stats = On and Aggregation = Individual:

Settings/Displays page has all stat options enabled and set to On:

I scheduled the layout to my 1.8.14 player, then allowed it to run for a while. After I was certain it had connected to my CMS and passed the stats to my CMS, I went to the All Reports menu and selected the Proof of Play Report option. You can see that when I click the apply button for stats returned today, I can see the stats from my player and layout:

Can you provide an exported copy of your layout in a private message, so I can test your layout and make sure this is not the cause of the issue?

Many thanks.

Thank you for providing a copy of your test layout that you are not receiving proof of play stats for. I have been running your layout on the same player, connected to the same CMS and I am also receiving stats for this layout:

I suspect the issue you are experiencing is somehow related to your CMS or the way your player is configured. Can you provide screenshots showing that the stats options you mention in your message are all indeed enabled? Can you also confirm what the collect interval is for your player and whether your player is connecting to your CMS and showing as up to date?

It may also be the case that the stats are stored locally on your player PC but have not been sent. Please can you go to the local library folder for your Xibo for Windows player and confirm if there is a file in there named stats.xml or something similar? If you open that file using Notepad, can you see any entries? If you can send me a copy of that file that would also be helpful.

Man Thanks.

Thanks for information.
I’ve redeployed CMS and installed using docker-compose with mysql 5.7 (previous i’ve used mysql 8.0).
Now reports are appera.
Thank you for answering and helping.

Thanks for letting me know Azhdar, that’s great news! I’m glad to hear it is now working as expected, I suspect the mysql version was indeed the issue in the end.

I hope you can now continue to set up and test your Xibo environment, all the best!

Many Thanks.

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