No new files on clients


I’m new here, but I’ve already looked for an answer to my serious problem.
I’ve got 20 displays up and running for some months, but since today there’s a error.

I can ad new layouts in the Xibo program, but the clients don’t pick them up anymore. The displays are actief, but the status keeps on saying “downloading new files”.

The new layouts won’t appear on the clients.

What’s the problem?
Hope you can help me solving this soon :smile:

Thank you!


So either
a) you added a lot of content and your display are still actually downloading it
b) there is some sort of connection/access problem and your clients can’t download it properly
c) both

It would be helpful, if you could tell us what CMS and client versions do you use?
Always in cases like this, it’s helpful to show us a screenshot of status window on your device.


Thanks for answering so quickly.

  • I don’t have added a lot, just 2 pages. Normaly it goes fast.

  • I guess it has something to do with my domain. I run the CMS on a webbased domain. They have updated the PHP yesterday to 5.6. The clients I have run on registered android xibo.

So, they do connect, but they don’t donwload get new files…

You would like an image of the display status page?


I’ve updated one client with the latest android version and since then… all the displays are up and running again (strange!)

But the problem is solved!

Well, what important is that they are working (let’s hope it will stay that way! :smile: )

If you’d encounter issues in the future, then yes, screenhot/photo of status window on your device is nearly always helpful.