No display after AD username change

Right, I’m baffled by this now so I’m hoping you guys will be able to help me out (please!).

My colleague thought it was OK to go and delete one of the main usernames out of AD, now since logging on to the players around the school with another admin password all I get is the Xibo splash screen…

Where do I need to go or what do I need to change within Xibo settings in order to rectify this please.


The Player stores it’s configuration in the user profile, so if you’re logging in as a different user, then there will be no configuration.

You’ll need to run the Xibo Player Settings, enter your CMS URL and Key, and then register them with the CMS again.

Then in the CMS, one of two things will happen. In some cases, they will generate the same IDs as before, and they’ll just reconnect to the old Display records. If they don’t they’ll show up as new displays, in which case, edit each one and licence them, set the default layout to use, and then setup schedules, display group memberships etc.

You can then delete the old Display records.

Hi Alex,
Sorry for the late reply.
Don’t suppose they’re any step by step instructions on the above at all?
Unfortunately I didn’t set this up, therefore only know how to change the content etc.


Those are pretty much step by step instructions :slight_smile:

I can’t tell you what your CMS URL will be, but it’s whatever you normally enter to get to the CMS admin page (normally something like The key you can find in the CMS on the Settings page.