No content after upgrading to 1.8.2

After upgrading from 1.7.9 to 1.8.2 (manual upgrade), i can see everything on my dashboard but nothing in “layout”, “display”, “library”…
The clients are still working.
Xibo is running on Ubuntu 16.04.2 with PHP 5.6


Did you try clearing your web browser cache?

Yes…no result.
Access from another device with another browser…same result: dashboard ok, but all other pages without content.

Do you have “web” in the URL you’re using to access the CMS?

If so, the CMS is incorrectly installed and that will likely be the issue you’re seeing. You need to adjust your webserver web root to point to the “web” folder inside the Xibo CMS install, or use an Alias to serve Xibo on a sub folder.


No…no “web” in the URL
I compare any line in my NGINX-config with the manual…everything is OK.
A second instance of XIBO (new install of 1.8.1) ist running with the same config-file without problems.

Do you get any errors shown in the Chrome developer tools?

Sorry for my delayed answer.
There is one error message in the developer tools:

No idea ??

index.php?p=clock<etc> is a link from 1.7.9 not 1.8.2

This implies that you’ve got a cached copy of some JavaScript (unlikely as you’ve cleared your cache) or that not all files have been upgraded or that you’re not being served the content you think you are.

Hmmm…the clock is part og a layout.
I’ve made a complet new install of 1.8.2 in a new directory and transferred the settings.
When I start the URL, there is the login screen with version 1.8.2
After successfully logged in, i see a working Dashboard.
After selecting menu “Layouts”, i see a blank table.
Dev tools shows me this error:

Hi Dan,

do you need more informations ?


Hello ??

no ideas ?


Hi, I would like a reply on this issue as well as I have similar problem after manually updating to 1.8.2. My CMS recognizes all display connected and the display status said it is active and ready to display, but no contents were pushed into the display when i check statistics in “manage”. Displays in CMS has checked itself to be logged in but nothing was sent through after.

Furthermore, installing new displays not only have no contents pushed through, but it also gives the error “Exception in Run: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\user\Documents\Xibo Library\requiredFiles.xml’.”

I have given Dan a prod for you, but just a reminder, this is a free forum and there is no obligation for anyone to reply. If you need commercial support with an SLA, then that is available from the project sponsors Spring Signage.

I can’t really comment further i am afraid.

If you are able to PM me connection details for your CMS, with an admin username and password I will happily take a look.

The only solution was to build a complete new installation and also rebuilt all layouts.