No Calendar Events no matter what players are chosen

I have been running xibo on my server for a couple of months now without any problems and suddenly it just stopped showing scheduled events. The calendar will not show any events no matter what players or all settings I use. Sometimes it will popup after a while but usually it’s just blank spaces. No matter if I use the days, weeks or months view. I am on debian 7 in a virtualized container. Please advise. Thanks…


I assume that actual layout playback on the devices is uninterrupted?

Perhaps it’s only a browser issue? Did you try to clear the cache / use other browser?

Playback of the information is not affected except for the fact that the android client doesn’t like most of the layouts I create. The schedule just won’t display anything. I would be happy to give you an admin login so you could see for yourself. No matter what I schedule it just says item is scheduled successfully and then nothing shows up on the calendar no matter what display you set it to.

I set you up with username: xibomaster and pw xibomaster. You can go to

And don’t worry, this system is not doing anything official yet so do whatever you need to. Thanks…

I’ve had a very quick look. There’s something wrong under the hood with that CMS.

I’d need to spend some time looking at it from the console and in the database to understand what. If that’s something you want to happen then it can be arranged via Spring Signage and a charge would be made for that service.

If you create a demo CMS on our Cloud platform you can see that the software works properly there when scheduling events.

Would it just be simpler for me to reload the CMS and reinstall it from

It depends on what the problem actually is. If it’s a corrupt file or something then yes that would probably solve it. But if the problem is with your environment (version of PHP, version of MySQL, configuration of those items, configuration of the webserver etc) then it will make no difference.

If you have a go with a demo CMS that we know has a working configuration and check what you’re trying to do works there then we know it’s something local to your installation.

The only thing I can think is you’ve done something like create an event that repeats alot (eg a every minute for a year or similar) that will generate alot of database records, and that your server is timing out the queries to load or store that in the database.

In general those kinds of repeats aren’t necessary and people only want to create them because they don’t fully understand the scheduling system and how to use it.

Actually in the early days of the install two months ago I did create an
every minute repeating schedule that was to last until December 31st I’m
thinking that may be what’s causing the problem did you seem to detect any
other problems in the CMS?

It’s certainly possible. In that case it may be that you can simply increase the php maximum execution time to allow the scheduled events to show - and then delete them.

It would also be worth checking your database for crashed tables or any other issues there.

As I said I just had a very cursory look at the CMS to check it wasn’t something trivial. I didn’t (and in any case wouldn’t be able to from the CMS alone) look more deeply. We normally won’t look at a specific problem on a CMS that we don’t host at no charge.

Stupid question. Is there a way for me to just delete all scheduled events
now? Also thanks so much for your help on this. The software is awesome
and I am about to launch a digital signage business with it. I have been
doing broadcast video for over 25 years and am making the switch to
signage. I am really impressed with all the scheduling freedom in the
cms. It will make things alot easier. Also I hope you guys have a Happy
New Year.

Jeff McDaniel

If you try extending the php maximum execution time as I suggested above hopefully the old events will become visible and then you can delete them.

Otherwise it would be a case of directly editing them out of the database

I’m glad you’re getting on well with the CMS and I wish you all the best with your new venture.

Best wishes