News image does not load RSS Ticker

I have had a problem for some time and I cannot find the solution. I use an RSS Ticker Feed and for some reason, sometimes it displays the photo of the news and sometimes it does not, leaving only a black screen. I am currently using Docker and version 1.8.3 of Xibo. Has anyone experienced this problem?

It will be where the feed has images only for some items. You should think about upgrading to at least 1.8.13 as 1.8.3 is very old now.

Hi Alex, thanks for the feedback

I accessed the xml and made sure the item had an image, that’s certainly not the problem. I tried to update Xibo to the latest versions, but for some reason this feed doesn’t work after version 1.8.3.
this is the xml

The feed you link isn’t a proper MediaRSS feed so Xibo won’t be able to show the images from it without some customisation to the template.

I tried the feed in Xibo 1.8.13 and 2.3.3 and neither will parse it. It’s because the feed has errors in it. Those would need to be corrected to make it valid XML. I suspect your 1.8.3 instance was showing cached content from a time when the feed was valid.

Once it’s corrected, you can then extract the photo and description using [linkfoto|image] and [Description] tags.

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What is very strange to me is that in Layout> Design> Preview Layout everything happens correctly. In the player, some images are displayed and others are not, randomly.

Images are downloaded to the Player as needed, so if you have a poor connection to the CMS (or its the first time you’ve shown the layout) then you would expect that.

They should be there the second time the layout shows.

It’s worth saying though that as the feed is invalid, the CMS can’t process it assuming it’s in the same state as it was earlier so if it doens’t have images etc then it can’t download them until that is fixed.

Alex, just one more question.
Does the player download images from the CMS or the Internet?
I’m using the feed of an internet portal, so fixing the xml is out of my reach

Acredito que ele baixe os arquivos da internet, porém o que deve está acontecendo é que o RSS que você usa não tá preparado pra ser sempre usado com imagem , algumas vezes vem só o texto

Pode ser Thiago… Esse feed do UOL é usado por ai afora, alguma maneira deve existir de usar o feed do UOL.

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