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Hi Guys,

I have been asked to see if i can get a local / national news feed to be displayed on our TV screens during dinner time. I know how to do it in theory, but am unsure where I could get a nice picture and headline feed from and how to display it.

Ideally i wouldnt just want a text based feed from twitter or RSS feed, i’d like something that i can stick in a media region that displays pictures with headlines.

Worst case scenario i’d like to display the BBC news website inside a media region.

If anyone else does this already, please let me know how they do it.


The Ticker module can display the image from a MediaRSS feed with the text over the top. You could use that?

Use the “Image overlaid with the title” template from the Appearance tab.

I don’t have a good UK news URL, but using the Nasa image of the day feed will show you what it can do:

Feed URL: NASA Image of the Day
Duration: 5
Effect: Fade

Template: Image overlaid with the Title

Speed: 2
Duration is per item: Ticked

Gives you something like this:

Sky News feeds work, but the images they provide are really small so the quality is pretty poor:

The Guardian in pictures works too, but their images seem to vary in size:

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