New Xibo installation problem - Exception in Run: Requested an invalid file

From few days I’m trying to solve the problem, unfortunately unsuccessfully. I will immediately say that this is a server fault. How do you know? I signed up for Xibo demo version and client perfectly work. Let’s get to the point:

I installed the Xibo 1.8.2 server on CentOS 7 according to this manual:

I had little trouble saving settings, but I resolved it with this thread:
Also like in the last post on this topic, I created a service for XMR. It seemed to me that everything was OK…

But the client does not want to display the layout. After looking in client logs you can see messages Exception in Run: Requested an invalid file (like on the attached screen).

Also in CMS status of displays has X on it. I’ve really tried a ton of things. Several times I checked the installation manual, didn’t make any mistake. But I will be happy to answer your questions, so throw in some ideas.

Few things more. In CMS log you can see this:

And this is ls -la on library. This pptx file, is some presentation, which I upload via CMS. But it isnt present in layout.

Your files are missing from the library. Perhaps you changed the library location at some point and didn’t copy the old files over to the new location at the same time?

After installing XIbo CMS I had problems with XTR but I solved them. Maybe then something happened to the library folder

  1. Is it enough to upload the appropriate content to the library folder? Where can I get the actual contents of a library CMS folder?
  2. Or maybe I should to reinstall CMS?

You would get a copy of what was there from your backups. If you don’t have backups, then I would suggest deleting any missing media items from the CMS, and then uploading them again, ensuring that they appear in the CMS library as expected.

I don’t think that’s necessary.

But it is about a fresh installation of Xibo and there are no files in my media. This pptx is only file, that I upload to test.

I assume that there are missing some basic files - such as fonts (as you can see on the screen with files that try to download the client). From where can I get the default folder library (with default files)?

For Module files, you’d run Verify All from the modules page to install those, as described in the CMS Post Installation guide stickied on the front page of the forum.