New Windows 1.8.0 Client: "The Server key you entered does not match with the server key at this address"

I have set up a new 1.8.0 CMS (it will eventually replace the old 1.7.+ server)

I have installed the Windows 1.8.0 CLient on a clean Windows 10 machine we use as a “test Xibo client”

The CMS has a registered DNS entry. and I set up the client to firstly check this server name and then after the problem occured reverted to the IP address.

The firewall on the server and on the client has been temporarily disabled.

The key of the CMS (listed under Settings…Configuration…as “CMS Secret key”) was entered on the Windows 1.8 Client Settings, but on saving, the error “The Server key you entered does not match with the server key at this address” appears. I have checked and rechecked the key, but the problem remains.

I will now wipe the Windows Client machine and resore back to the factory settings, to see if this will resolve this issue.

I tested this on the 1.7.+ CMS and on a Windows Client and do not get this error.

Well that error can mean only one thing - that the key does not actually match the CMS in your cms.

If you uninstall the Windows client, perhaps make sure to clear the configuration files in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\

then try again.

Thanks. Although I checked and removed the Xibo Library folder under Documents, I was not aware of the %AppData%Roaming data. Will retest.