New Twitter Images Not Downloading


I’ve been using xibo for many years now but am having an issue with the windows player not downloading (or displaying) the latest images.

From what I can see in the local xibo library folder, the images are being dowloaded on startup, and then every 4 hours afterwards…

My settings:

  • xibo 1.8.2
  • Layout total time (60 mins)
  • Twitter update interval (120 mins)
  • Collect interval (every 5 mins)
  • Download window start/stop (00:00, 00:00)
  • Clear cached data selected
  • Run from 07:00 to 17:30
  • Timezones are both the same for server and client and display

The images appear in the layout designer and preview, but aren’t making their way to the client (only the message appears).

The previously downloaded tweets and images do appear however.

When pressing “I” for info, it shows all content dowloaded 100% and status sleeping.

Any thoughts? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d expect them to appear once the layout reloads (assuming that it did download them already).

That being said, Twitter module is using twitter search api which returns a sample of tweets, ie not all new tweets might be displayed.

You could try clearing display cache (Edit&Save display record in CMS), perhaps lower the twitter update interval as well.

Are those tweets from the same account or do you have more than one twitter widget that might want to access them? If so that could be this bug -