New player not showing as registered


We are trying to set up new players on the same network. The first player is set up fine but any subsequent players when first opened show as unregistered and unlicensed while the display shows a black screen.

After manually refreshing the player by hitting ‘escape’ the status updates and the player becomes registered.

However it does not activate the license?
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Thank you for your message. To automatically License a Xibo Player, the Player will need to receive the License Pool email from the Profile being used with that Display. To set this up:

  • Log into your CMS and select the Display Settings option.
  • Click on the down facing triangle at the end of the Display Profile you are using with your Android or webOS Displays and choose Edit from the menu.
  • This will open the Edit Profile window. Under the General tab you will see a field named Email Address. Enter your License Pool email address into this box.
  • Save to confirm.

The next time your Display connects to your CMS, it will receive the License Pool email address and contact the Xibo License server.

Please note that all Displays using that Profile will also receive the License Pool email address.

Many Thanks.


Thanks for your reply.

I don’t see this option when logging in but I believe this is because we have a white label instance of the software running.

I think we have actually fixed the issue now though. The problem was that the Android player was setting the software as the startup software and not launcher. When we went to settings-home and then set it to launcher everything began to work as it should.

Thanks for all of your assistance on this matter.