New Media in 1.8

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We recently upgraded to CMS 1.8.
What is the preferred way of working when upgrading Media in 1.8
In 1.7 I could choose the edit form and upload uploaded sheets in the first screen.
I now have to choose the Media I want to update. the chose ‘Replace’ then choose ‘Add Replacement’ Choose the file, then choose ‘Start replace’ and then choose Done

That is quite a lot extra steps to update a media file.
Any suggestions to make it easier

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That is the way to do it, either from library page or region timeline, you need to edit media hit replace button, upload new media and save the form.

Alternative is to use API calls.

Thanks Peter,

Don’t think I am ready to go into API’s just jet :slight_smile:
Any suggestions for a quick start on that level?

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My API introduction topic can be helpful - 1.8 API Introduction

in the end you will use this call to upload new file and replace the old one

You could use our oauth2 and then use our wrapper to do that - XiboLibrary

Example usage of that wrapper is here.

Or without wrapper

I will have a look at it soon.

Thanks a lot