New Layout Corrupting Existing Layout

I created 4 layouts over a year ago and it has been running fine. I’m now in the process of creating a new layout and have it assigned to a test display… after a few days of creating this test layout, I noticed that my existing layouts are showing blank spots in the areas that are on the new test layout.

There’s nothing I can see that links the new test layout with the older ones that are in use on different displays.

Existing layout with black areas showing

Layouts. The one at the bottom is the new one:

New Layout, the blue areas on the top, bottom, and right side are whats showing up as the blcak areas on the existing displays:

That would be really strange, it would be odd even if you did schedule the test layout on them, but if it wasn’t ever scheduled to that particular player then I’m afraid I don’t see how that can be possible.

Could you show a screenshot of status window on the affected player please?

Perhaps also double check that resolution of the player is correct and if using windows 10 that change the size of text,apps, and other items is set too 100%.

You could also have a look at the {layoutId}.xlf file and perhaps the corresponding .htm files in the player local library.

Perhaps just in case also on the schedule.xml to confirm that this new layout isn’t scheduled there (especially that it isn’t scheduled as overlay layout for example).

Looks like i had a template that was linked to it. so I’ve deleted it and that seems to have fixed it. However the record of it is still in the layoutid file. Do I need to remove this somehow?

If those layouts exists in the database then I’d expect that they are in the CMS itself as well - perhaps they are retired now?

You can certainly access the MySQL database the remove those layout records from it (not edit this file directly but access MySQL on docker), but first I’d look in the web ui to see if they are there (as mentioned perhaps with the retired filter set to yes if you don’t see them in the standard view).

Generally you should not need to make any direct changes on the database.

One of the names that you highlighted has template in it, which could imply that it could be an actual template, you can check it in web ui on the Templates page.

Based on your earlier suggestion, I found the Template is the item that was causing the corruption. It’s been deleted from the web UI prior to my last post:

I also deleted all of the files in the player library, did an uninstall and reinstall and the template keeps coming back.

Is there another way to clear it our without having to access the database?