Network Congestion (Sending requests)

I have a quick question in regards to network traffic and congestion. Can anyone tell me if Xibo software constantly sends packets to the client player which would cause network traffic. I have a senerio that needs monitoring. Network traffic (internal network) has to be monitored so for example:

There is constant traffic going through our pipeline and need to find out how much bandwidth Xibo takes up and is a constant feed to client The answers I need to know is that If I set a playlist of files and send it down to the player will it send the information in separate packets ( breaks the request up into chunks) then when all files are compiled on the player it releases from the network

this way my network is clear from bandwith to have production run. ( in the background of my network there are production files sent that needs constant feeds if I overload my network with requests from xibo it will slow down network traffic for production that I cant have. So I need to see if xibo is in idle mode until its touched again & a request in generated

Xibo doesn’t stream data to the Players no.

When you put new content for a Player to download, it will download it once from the CMS to the Player, and it will then show that from the local copy, except where you embed a third party website (eg Youtube), in which case that will be loaded every time the layout is shown.

There is some background communication from Player to CMS, but it’s very low volume. The easiest thing is to install a Player and connect it to a Cloud CMS demo, and then you can monitor directly and see what the usage is in a given scenario.