Need help with xibo installation on xampp

I am trying to install Xibo on another computer with xampp. I have extracted the xibo cms to
/xampp/htdocs and renamed it xibo but when i go to localhost/xibo/install it does not appear just shows the folder directory. Even if I try localhost/xibo it shows the folder directory. I have got it to work on another machine using localhost/xibo/web/install but for some reason on the new machine it is not. Please any help

You would need to make sure your XAMPP environment is set up with the following considerations:

In particular, you will most likely want to use an Alias so that XAMPP is serving files from xampp/htdocs/xibo/web

Also, there are a bunch of old questions on there about XAMPP that might help.

how would I do the alias?

Sorry I do not have any specific experience with xampp - I suggest you have a search to see if anyone else has answered the question before (there are a lot of XAMPP tickets on this forum).

I have still not been able to work this out. The xibo software is loaded as per requirements under htdocs in xampp

Still it is just showing the xibo file directory when I go to localhost/xibo

Can you paste a screenshot of your folder structure and the Apache config file for XAMPP?