MySQL support must be enabled in PHP

Hi Everyone,

We just followed these instructions to get IIS, PHP 5.5.3, MySQL, and Xibo CMS 1.7.9 running on Windows 10 x64:

When we entered http://localhost/phpmyadmin into the browser, we got an error that PHP 5.5.3 was not supported. So we upgraded to PHP 7.1, Now the site works, and so does http://localhost/xibo. Everything on this page has a check mark except the 3rd item which says “MySQL support must be enabled in PHP.”

We searched everywhere and came up with 2 possibilities:

  1. PHP 7.1 is not supported (there are some references to this)
  2. The extensions for both php_mysql.dll and phop_mysqli.dll are enabled in php.ini. What’s odd is that both files are located in the PHP 5.5.3 folders, but ONLY the php_mysqli.dll file is located in the PHP 7.1 folders. Obviously a file is missing in the PHP 7.1 folders. Thoughts? Regardless, should I change the path in the php.ini file? If so, what is the proper syntax as the instructions are a bit confusing.



Downgrading to PHP 5.6 solved everything

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PHP 7 is not supported for any current Xibo release. 1.8 series actively warns about this, and we are updating the documentation to more accurately reflect that, although it has been discussed here several times before.