My URL is correct but the display won't connect to CMS

It returns the “expected text/xml” error that others have reported.

Can you please provide more information? What is your client setup as, which version of Xibo are you running?

Also on the client can you get to the CMS page from it in a browser?

Have you looked at this post?

It’s the windows player version 1.7.4.

I can get to the CMS in the browser.

URL that you entered into the client is in the format of “http://DOMAIN.COM/xibodirectory”?

If you have enabled https, make sure that is in the URL.

The CMS is in the root. Is it better to not have it in the root?

https is not enabled.

I would recommend not putting it in the root folder.

Are the CMS server and the Client on the same network?

Ok. I will give that a try

Still getting the same problem after moving it to the sub directory

Also make sure you don’t have non Xibo files on the directory. If for example you had a file index.html in the xibo folder the server might return that first before the index.php file that Xibo uses.

If i move it to a different URL are there any settings I need to change? I did change the URL recently

In the CMS as long as the media library location did not change there is nothing to change in there.

For the client then obviously the path to the CMS will be different. So…

If was your domain and if the Xibo cms was put into a folder under root called xibo, the path would be

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