My players begin to seem duplicated

hello good afternoon today I have a problem with the content manager I added version 1.8 r110 so that my players update themselves, and after doing so I realize that many times my players begin to seem duplicated in the display section. I already gave it a pull in the docker container so that my container can be updated. It happened to me with version 1.8.13 and I still don’t see duplicates, apart from the registered player, the information that I send to each one no longer arrives.

try a new installation on a recently configured box with the player v1.8 r110 and when adding it in the content manager I get repeated every time you access the box and it doesn’t let me give it authorization meanwhile it doesn’t show me the default information and it does not show it to me as connected and it does not let me change its name it shows it to me as unknown.

I believe that this was the issue which was fixed in v2.0.0-rc1:

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Hello, thank you very much, I already read the article, but the problem is that I don’t know how to enter the php section since my installation is docker and what file name to be able to copy the code that says to add the 40 lines and not delete any line
I send you many greetings, you are great with your support.

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