My player download media files slowly


I’ve installed a Xibo 1.8.7 server on wamp, and a Xibo player on the same computer. I am actually doing some testing on it and having strange behavior.

When using a wmv video file of about 108 mb on a template then scheduling it, player take a loooong time downloading it and displaying it, even if the server and player are on the same computer. (more than 15 minutes)

Synchronisation is done each 60 seconds on the player.

Any idea why this behavior is observed?

At a guess you may have the send file mode set to Off (xmds) which is significantly slower that apache/ngnix, but to change that you will also need to ensure that your web server is configured for http downloads and then change it in CMS Settings page.

If it is set to something else than Off, please do let us know and we will think about other reason that could potentially cause it.

Actually server is configured with send file mode set to Off. I’ll test with other modes once apache well configured to accept them.

Thanks for your help!


I’ve been able to add x-sendfile module on my WAMP setup (file and activation in ini file) but when using “apache” download option clients are getting 0 kb files.

As I am using alias I’ve tried adding activation and send directory on the alias setup but still the same.

Do you have any documentation on how to setup apache to use correctly x-sendfile?

Thanks and Regards

You can see the correct way to configure it in the docker configurations we ship here:

I believe on Windows, Apache see’s the c: drive with a capital letter - ie C:\path\to\library

I don’t recall if it requires forward or backslashes I’m afraid on Windows.