My android player status always showing downloding new file


My android display player status always showing downloading new file.

Wahy so

Well, it can be actually downloading some files, although if it persists for a longer period of time, then that could imply some issues with your display - you can check what file it’s downloading on ‘Manage’ (1.8) or ‘Media Inventory’ (1.7).

Screenshot of your player status window could be helpful as well.

Was this problem ever resolved?

I’m running into the same problem. [CMS ver. 1.7.9, and Android client versions 1.7_R64.]
The CMS appears to be working fine. The signs are displaying exactly what they should be, and change when they are commanded to do so. When I review the “Media Inventory” for each of the clients it reveals that all of the files show as “complete”.

Apart from the “x” on the display, and the Dashboard indicating these with a red (pink) bar, I’m not able to tell that there is a problem.


If the X in display status persists, then that would imply that player may have some issues downloading certain files.

You can clear display cache (Edit&Save display record) let is connect to the CMS again (it will do so per collection interval in 1.7 series).
If it does really have everything downloaded the status should change to checkmark.

failing that, you can enable auditing on the display and check CMS log page (you can filter it to see only logs from the specific display) and see if there are any issues there - it will also report media inventory, requiredFiles to the CMS, you can check if it reports everything as downloaded or not.