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Olá pessoal , sou novo no uso Xibo e gostaria de saber se é possível configurar 4 monitores para uma layout para apresentar em somente 1 tela. No meu cenário eu tenho 14 telas instaladas em um Gerenciador de imagens com windows 10 instalado com todos os monitores estendidos, eu quero deixar 4 monitores para funcionar como uma tela só e os outros separados para apresentar imagens diferentes. Preciso adicionar nesses 4 monitores um mapa da web que vem do grafana,isso é possível na plataforma?

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Forgive me if I have misunderstood your request while translating your message. Have I understood correctly that you want to run 4 Xibo players on a single PC and configure them to all display on the same output/monitor?
If I have understood correctly, you can do that. This guide explains how to set up multiple Xibo for Windows players on the same PC. You will need a suitably powerful PC to achieve this as this is likely to be resource heavy.

Once you have set up your Xibo players on your PC, you can set the profile dimensions and coordinates for each player in your CMS. You will find these settings by going to the Displays page in your CMS, then click the button at the end of the entry for the player and choose Edit. Under the Settings tab you will see these options. Use the override boxes to set the position and size of the Xibo player window:

You should also make sure you set the resolution of your layouts to match the player window size you are using.

I hope this provides the solution you are looking for. If I have misunderstood your request, please can you provide an example of how your setup will work, including diagrams if possible.

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Olá DanBW,obrigado por me responder. Na verdade tenho 14 telas e dessas 14 quero mostrar um conteúdo da web em 4 delas como se fosse um mosaico, e as outras irei mostrar outros conteúdos diferentes. Aí quero saber se posso configurar nesse modelo

Thanks for the reply cairo.ferreira.

I want to show web content on 4 of them as if it were a mosaic

I hope this translation is correct. Do you mean like a video wall? So it would set up like this picture, but the media will appear across them all as one large visual?

If yes, you can do that with Xibo for Windows. This guide talks you through how to set that up step by step.
It is very important that you read the requirements section because you are planning to use more than 2 screens. Your PC must have a GPU that supports mosaic mode (nVidia cards) or equivalent software. You must also make sure that card supports the resolution you will have when those screens are combined and enough outputs that you can connect all of the screens to that GPU.

You can also set up other players to show the different content on your other screens.

I assume you plan to use multiple PCs for the content for your 14 screens? You would have to have an incredibly powerful machine to run 14 separate Xibo players, with 4 of them as a video wall.

It sounds like a very interesting project. I wish you well with it and hope the documents I’ve provided help you to get started.

Many Thanks.

Obrigado pelo seu feedback, irei configurar os players para o funcionamento.

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Olá, Cairo. Conseguiu montar as 4 telas em modo videowall?

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