Multiple YouTube Videos in Playlist


I have multiple YouTube videos in a region using several embed elements (see screen shot below). They are all playing - and that is sort of the problem - but they are all playing at the same time. I thought this would work more along the lines of it plays the 1st video, then after its set duration it plays the next, and so on.

Is there a better way to handle something like this without a YouTube-hosted playlist?


Perhaps you could try this Youtube playlist

I believe there was some looping issue there, I’d suggest perhaps some reasonable duration on the embedded element and some other content in the same region.

Regarding your current situation ie one embedded widget per video, are those videos start playing at the same time in CMS or in player or both? I don’t think it should work like that, I shall investigate it.

Edit: Are you using the embed links in an iframe? ie the code you can get from YouTube (+ autoplay I guess?)
I created a new layout with 3 different videos from YouTube using those iframes and I don’t see this issue you’ve reported ie they play in order not simultaneously.

I am using the code you get to embed from YouTube. All the videos start playing as soon as the layout loads although you only see the one on top (you can hear all at once). They all have a duration set that is as long as the embedded video.

As for the link I am not sure that will help much as we didn’t want to be limited to one youtube playlist but to be able to play many videos in sequence from multiple sources.