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We have multiple windows computers that we plan to use for the Xibo player. Display01 Display02 etc…
The problem is we plan to use 1 single user account to login to them all.

I’ve just been setting up the second machine and noticed straight away that Display02 thinks that it is Display01.
When I look at the CMS it shows Display02’s IP and MAC address for Display01

Is there any way around this? Or will I have to create separate accounts?

Many Thanks!

Perhaps this FAQ topic will help you

Thanks for getting back to me Peter. Will take a look as soon as I can.
I did see this option before writing on here and tried removing the display ID of the second screen so that it would generate a new ID, but the second display still showed up as no. 1

I will give it another go later.


You don’t want to completely remove it, you want to slightly alter it.
Also display/display group names should be unique too.

Hi Peter,

We are now using Xibo in production and still having issues with this.
When I change the display ID it works pretty much fine but come the next day and the machines boot themselves up and Xibo player starts, what ever machine starts first the other 2 pick up its ID and shows what is meant to be on that screen.

Any other way around this other than using separate user accounts?


Update: The same thing happened this morning.
I am having to go into the display options every morning and set their display IDs so that the CMS will see them as different screens.

In that case something in your environment is preventing those settings being saved and persisting across sessions.

They form part of the user profile, so check that you don’t have something like roaming profiles setup such that changes are lost at each restart.

Hi Alex,
Thanks for getting back to me!

Fixed! :slight_smile:

We found that it was due to the user account in question having a redirected profile / home folder.

So Xibo was saving the XiboClient.config.xml in its home folder on the server, this meant the other displays were picking up the same info from that file.

We changed it so that it uses a local home folder on the C: drive and it now sees them all as independent machines every time!

Again many thanks for the support!

Arran :slight_smile:

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