Multiple Display


We would like to implement XIBO as video wall,
we create some layout with a big-sizes and set to 3072 x 768,
and then we want to display this layout at 3 display and arrange those layout one line single row,
each display configure to resolution at 1024x768
we use Xibo Client Windows version .

after trying to run the Xibo Client Windows version,
Xibo client only display at the first display(main display).

So how can we solve this problem, we adjust the other displays,
has been configure to act as an extension of the main display?

Can Anybody help to solve this issue ?

Thank You.

Xibo itself doesn’t support building video walls out of multiple Players/computers.

With the Windows Player, you can attach all 3 TVs to the same computer and then have Windows create a single extended desktop from that. It sounds like that’s how you have it setup now?

Then run Xibo Player on that computer and tell it to size itself as 3072 x 768 pixels with a 0,0 top/left offset in the Display Settings profile you assign via the CMS.

Finally create a custom resolution for your use and then base your layouts on that resolution (in the background properties for the layout)

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your response.

we already tried to what you suggest,
run Xibo Player on that computer and tell it to size itself as 3072 x 768 pixels with a 0,0 top/left offset.
it’s work only for image
how we could to make the XIbo Player showing for text and video also ?
--------------------correction -----------------------
Sorry our mistake.
it’s works for video,text and image
as we know, windows cannot use transparent layer.
Then one of the region fill with image has been set to fullscreen, it’s causing the fullscreen region, coverup the other region.
That’s why we couldn’t see the XIbo Player showing for text and video

Thank you

It’s Done

we hope for the next version for Xibo Client Windows can hold transparent layer

Thank you

You can’t overlap layers, but you can set a background image which would prevent this problem if I understand correctly.

The overlapping can’t be sorted out in the Windows Player with the current technology it’s based upon so it’s not something that can be fixed in ‘the next release’ I’m afraid

Hello sir, I’m sefni user of xibo from Indonesia.
I have a problem with xibo, I want to make multiple display client of xibo on some computer and the main xibo server or admin only one PC, but i don’t know how the way to make itrun well. Could you help me please?