Multi timezone Clocks on XIBO Layout


  1. I want to configure 4 clocks for four different timezones as regions on one layout
  2. Also when I embed Powerpoint in one slide, the powerpoint opens and stops at the run file dialog box-

Please check


  1. You can adjust the ‘offset’ for clock module when you edit it, like:

    So in that example it will show time one hour earlier than it actually is in your timezone.

  2. PowerPoint | Xibo Digital Signage

Thanks for the superfast response Peter
Does this config work for the Flip Clock ?..because the offset field is not visible when the clock type is flip


You’re right in 1.7 series there is no offset for flip clock, it is/will be enabled in 1.8 (as well as 12/24 hour format)

1.8 is currently in alpha, soon™ should be in beta.

Thank you
will wait for the V1.8 Release