Multi Client Installation Problem

Hello i am new to Xibo and i am still figuring out a lot of things but i find it great. Anyway i want to install 2 or more than clients in one pc. however, i find it difficult on what this means

“Create a short cut to the new EXE which has the character o in the arguments section.”

Can you explain it thoroughly on where will i put the “o”. thankyou!


Ok so, when you download Windows client and install it, you have 2 files that you can start, right? XiboClient and XiboClient Options.
Well actually you have 1 file XiboClient.exe the Options one is the same file with the same path but with ‘o’ argument (you check properites of your XiboClient Options to see it)
so it’s "C:\Program Files (x86)\Xibo Player\XiboClient.exe" o like that in ‘Target’ field.

If you want to have multi client and I assume you followed this guide install multiple windows clients

So when you copy your Client installation folder and rename it to for example Xibo Player2, then you rename the .exe to for example XiboClient2. Now you need to make a short cut to this file and add ‘o’ argument to be able to configure your ‘second’ player.
So the short cut properties -> “Target” field would look like this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Xibo Player2\XiboClient2.exe" o

Thank you sir… This really saved my life and time. Thank you sir a lot. more power to Xibo. Thank you!