Mp4 videos only show audio wave

Hello, I have an unusual problem. When I import a video (only tried with an mp4) and schedule to play it, only an audio wave appears through the whole video.
I have installed the codecs, Windows media player can play it, so can everything else. I also think that I did everything correctly with setting up. Also tried re-uploading the video files… and tried different kinds of mp4’s.

What CMS and Xibo for Windows versions are you using? Also what Windows version?

That’s interesting, if it .mp4 video that Windows media player can display normally, then it should be able to show it in Xibo once uploaded as video to the CMS.

I’m happy to run this video on my local dev cms, if that would be of interest to you, please send me your video/layout via private message - you will probably need to upload it to WeTransfer/dropbox or similiar service of your choice.

I can’t seem to find a PM option. Maybe you could send me a message and I’ll reply?
About the versions - it’s being played on latest Win10, am using the latest stable Xibo CMS and Xibo for Windows.

It looks like I solved it.
The situation was like this: I am using an Intel NUC with a fresh Win10x64 installation and latest Xibo CMS with a latest Xibo player. K-Lite codecs and VLC were installed, WMP was able to play everything.
Usually when setting up brand new computers, Win10 has most drivers out-of-the box or they later come with an update. In this case the device manager shown that the gfx driver was in fact an Intel HD graphics one, but supplied by Windows.
Problem was that when a video is to be shown, only an audio wave would appear and you could hear the audio, but there’s no video.

I tried all of the solutions, none worked, but then the last thing I tried was to update video drivers to latest from the Intel website. And that worked ok.

TL;DR don’t trust MS’s drivers, use official drivers.

If you have the Xibo-Client installed on Windows 10, after the Windows-Update you have to install the HEVC extension in the Windows App Store. Microsoft removed this extension during an update. For me, the playback of MP4 files in the Xibo-Client immediately worked again. In addition, I have manually installed the latest graphics driver. Under the following link you will find the free extension. If you search directly in the Windows Store this Extension costs 0.99 €.

I hope that helps you …