Modifying Xibo Applications

Hi guys,
i am very new to this community, started a short while ago liked very much both the community and the XIBO software.
As i am myself a programmer,
i am planning to modify both the Content Manager and also the Player and therefor i have the following questions,

  • What do i need to remember when branding the Content Manager with my own logo and company details?
  • What do i need to remember when branding the player with my company logo and details?
  • How about changing the name of the player, if i change the name of the player, what do i need to keep untouched?

I just want to make sure i do not violate anything.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Very best regards

This is an article for resellers, but it might be interesting to you as well Open Source Xibo and by extension

Basically these 3 things are the most important:

  • The users know the software is free
  • The Copyright notices remain intact (Xibo is Copyright of the Xibo Developers, Daniel Garner, Alex Harrington and James Packer)
  • The software (at all times) displays a link to the source code

Hi Peter,
thanks for the response.
Other things are all clear but,
This is a bit question still ==> "The users know the software is free"
are you saying that i cannot resell it if i modify and brand it by also offering support and SAAS?

You can offer it as a service in a similar way we do with White Label builds.

So Xibo for Windows, Xibo CMS must still be distributed under AGPLv3, but you can charge your customers for any additional services - branding/themes, features, support, hosting, on site installation etc.

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Thanks Peter :slight_smile:
Here is some more,
This was exactly my purpose,
“you can charge your customers for any additional services - branding/themes, features, support, hosting, on site installation etc.”

How about branding the player?
can i also do that?
The idea is same: Branding, features, support, installations etc.
What should i remember when branding the player?

I’ve replied directly to your Support ticket regarding this.

The requirements are set out in the AGPLv3 license and you should read and understand that before making changes. I cannot offer you legal advice in that regard. No opinion expressed herein grants you additional license beyond the terms of the AGPLv3.

The generally accepted understanding of the terms, is that you must make a copy of the AGPLv3 license available to your end users, along with an offer of source code. So you can take Xibo, modify it, change the branding as you wish, and sell a service based around it, but you must leave the original copyright assignments in place, and you must provide a copy of the licence and an offer of source code.

The Player is covered under the same license terms as the CMS.

As ever, if you require firm guidance on legal matters, then your best course of action is to consult with a competent legal professional.

Thanks Alex.
I am not going to touch the copyright things, i just wanted to make sure i can change the branding, colours, looks etc.

I will however read the AGPLv3 and try to understand it.
Thank you very much.

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Hello community, I am a programmer here new to this platform as well, I would also like to ask if there are any API documentations pertaining to Xibo for a head start? I did a search but couldn’t find it in the forum or forum guide / FAQ.

We’d recommend waiting for 1.8 release, the 1.8 API is much more complete (and tested),

I’ll close this topic, since it has little to do with original issue.

If you’d like to discuss this further please open new topic in dev category.