Missing Displays after 3.0.2 Update

I am missing some of my displays when I try to schedule them. They are listed in Displays. When I go to select a display it shows three seperate listings of displays and groups each with a few in them but not all. I have tried the MYSQL commands listed in a similar thread on this problem however I get syntax error messages. It is possible that I am not typing it correctly or there is some variables I have to substitute. Any ideas greatly appreciated. As a workaround I have been creating new groups of individual displays.


Try running the following SQL command as in the post below:

This is the part I am having trouble with that tells me I have a syntax error

You need to copy and paste the command from the original post exactly. Note that there are backticks

in the command and these are not the same as single quotes or double quotes.

Copy and paste has made all the difference. I can now see all of my displays. Curiously there is still multiple headings of “Display” and “Groups” and the displays are split between two of the display headings but I am happy that at least I can now see them all.
Thanks for your help.

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