After update 3.0.0 - Calendar not showing all displays

Since update 3.0.0 Xibo, not all Displays are visible in the calnder to plan new events. Is there any trick? Thanks Mark

I have also noticed this issue. Logged in both as Super Admin user and a standard user. A display that was added recently (but before the upgrade to 3.0.0) does show up, but none of my older displays do.

I have also tried giving my user all of the “Features/Shares”. Logged out and back in again, and still cannot see all my screens.

As a first step could you clear cache to see if that resolves the issue? Failing that, a look at a fault log would be the next step.

(As a side note, Super Admins should see all Displays as Features (Permissions) don’t apply to Super Admin Users).

I have a workaround, which is not the best solution . You can add the missing Display to a “display group” (each missing display a separate group). The display group are always visible in the calendar view. It is just a short term solution.

Hope they will fix it soon! Yours Mark

Hi Natasha, clearance of chache does not helb. The fault log bring up an error directly by clicking on it:

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘performance_schema.session_variables’ doesn’t exist

May be these error are related…

Hi, is this a Docker install? If so could you check your container logs for the cms-db container. If it says something like “run mysql_upgrade” then MySQL wants its schema update completed. If that is the case you can find instructions to follow, below the 2.3.10 Release notes here: Xibo CMS 2.3.10 Released

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Yes its a docker install and thank you, you are right, i completed the schema update an error logs now working again.
Now i did an error log while choosing a display in the calendar view. There are a lot of errors.
One error Message from a missing display is:

“4307121,14de2ea,“2021-07-13 15:28:41”,WEB,/display,GET,“Cache miss for setCurrentLayoutId on display Eingang (60 Hz/hoch)”,DEBUG”

Have the missing displays all got / in the name, the same as that message?

No, but If you like, I can send you the protocoll via pm?

another message is:
“4306902,4ab4f75,“2021-07-13 15:28:03”,XMDS,GetFile,POST,“Ben&oumltige Datei f&uumlr die Display und Media Kombination nicht gefunden”,“Display Hof”,ERROR”

Yes please do send via pm!

@Peter has looked at this for you and somehow you have display groups not owned by a user.

There was an old bug along those lines, so it’s potentially something historical that has slipped under the radar so to speak.

We’re fairly certain you’d have seen the same in 2.3 though, and can’t explain why you didn’t right now.

You can run the following SQL on your 3.0.0 database to resolve that issue:

UPDATE `displaygroup` SET userId = (SELECT userId FROM `user` WHERE usertypeid = 1 LIMIT 1) WHERE userId NOT IN (SELECT userId FROM `user`);

If you need guidance on running SQL commands, there’s a document here which explains for a Docker-based installation:

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