Missing Always and Custom Daypart options

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CMS Version

Local custom install on Windows server
Version 3.0.2

Player Type


Player Version

3-R301.1 Win32


When any user schedules a layout, the dayparting pulldown only displays the option to choose one of the configured dayparts. The default “Always” or “Custom” option is missing.
(the 1 always option seen here was a new daypart added so layouts could be scheduled for all day, and configured to repeat daily to give the effect of the “Always” default option that is missing.)
I’ve checked all daypart related content should be visible, but the default options are even missing for Super Admins.
Is there a way to restore the always or custom options? Is there some feature permission I haven’t found that blocks even Super Admins from seeing these in the interface?

If you have removed the xibo_admin user, system-owned resources will be affected. You can run the following SQL command to change the ownership on those dayparts to resolve it:

UPDATE `daypart` SET userId = (SELECT userId FROM `user` WHERE usertypeid = 1 LIMIT 1) WHERE userId NOT IN (SELECT userId FROM `user`);

You may also need to run the SQL Command, in the below post for your Displays:

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